Aegion Corporation

Aegion Corporation is the parent company of Insituform, Bayou, Corrpro, CRTS, Fibrwrap, Fyfe and United Pipeline Systems.  Aegion's companies are global leaders in infrastructure protection and provide proprietary technologies and services for the corrosion protection of industrial pipelines and for rehabilitating and strengthening sewer, water, energy and mining piping systems, buildings, bridges and tunnels and waterfront structures. Learn more about Aegion at its corporate website.

Aegion Corporation provides infrastructure protection world wide

 Bayou pipe coating and welding fabricator

Corrpro corrosion enginerring, cathodic protection and corrosion prevention techniques

Commerical Coating Services International

CRTS provides offshore oil and gas coating services worldwide.

United Tite Liner is the worlds leading HDPE lining system


Insituform is a leading worldwide provider of cured-in place pipe


 Fibrwrap specializes in advanced composite applications

FYFE is the global leader in the FRP Strengthening Industry